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frequently asked questions


Yes you can, kindly inform us when placing your order.

      Yes. We deliver seven days a week.

You can order up to one month in advance.

Yes you can. Each bouquet arrangement comes with its own message card. 

Yes, we can adjust to the customer’s budget but minimum charges still will apply.

Delivery and shipping charges to your destination may vary depending on your location.

Payment can be made in cash, mobile money, bank transfer or via credit card.

Caring for your Fresh Blooms

To preserve your arrangement:

  • Start with a clean vase and good quality water
  • Keep out of drafty areas which can cause excessive evaporation and wilting
  • Keep in a cool place to avoid shortened flower life caused by heat
  • Use the flower food provided
  • Cut stems in a diagonal fashion and remove foliage
  • The water should be replaced with fresh water every two to three days
  • If your arrangement is not in water, the next option is floral foam. This is a product where water is absorbed into a moisture wicking foam, and the stems are inserted within the foam brick.
  • To care for arrangements in foam simply add water to the container where the foam is located every day to keep the foam brick wet and wicking up to your flowers.

COVID Information

To our Flower Community

It’s highly unlikely for flowers to carry the coronavirus. According to the information published on the World Health Organisation’s website: ” the likelihood of an infected person contaminating a commercial package that has been moved, travelled and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.”
We are keeping ourselves informed and we reserve the right to adjust our operations as we see necessary.
We wish you health and wellness and thank you for understanding.