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The Adwoa Bouquet

Adwoa is the Ghanaian name given to girls born on a Monday. It means “born on Monday” and is a symbol of the beginning of a new week. Adwoa is a name that exudes strength, resilience, and determination. At Blossom, we believe that Adwoa is an excellent name for the start of the week. Just as a new week is the beginning of a new journey, Adwoa symbolizes the start of a new life. We have created a beautiful bouquet that embodies the spirit of Adwoa. Our bouquet features the brightest and most vibrant flowers, including Peonies, lisianthus, roses, carnation and Italian ruscus. These flowers represent the energy and enthusiasm that Adwoa brings to every new week. We believe that flowers have the power to brighten up any space and add joy to people’s lives. Our Adwoa bouquet is designed to do just that. With its vibrant colors and joyful energy, it is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Join us in celebrating the beauty of Ghanaian day names for women and the power of flowers to make our lives brighter and more beautiful.

We at Blossom the Fresh Flower People have created seven unique and eye-catching bouquets that showcase the beauty of Ghanaian culture and the power of the Ghanaian woman through flowers. Our aim is to honor and celebrate the beauty and strength of Ghanaian women by naming bouquets after their day names. Each bouquet is carefully curated to reflect the meaning and essence of the name it represents.

Disclaimer: Due to the seasonal nature of our imported fresh flowers, please note that in some cases, bouquets may differ from the photo. We reserve the right to replace certain stems with other stems of comparable colour or value.

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    A selection of mini, hand-tied bouquets of the freshest, seasonal flowers, available to you at an affordable price. A classic and elegant bouquet perfect for any occasion.

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    Let our artisans choose from the best, freshest floral blooms available to create a stunning arrangement for you. Available in three sizes.

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    A decadent and bespoke luxury floral design crafted by our master florist. We curate each unique bouquet with lush and seasonally fresh blooms from our international suppliers in a complimentarycrystal vase or hat box.

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