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The Yaa Bouquet

Yaa means “born on a Thursday”. Like all other Ghanaian day names, Yaa has a special meaning and personality traits associated with it. Yaa is known to be an independent and strong-willed woman. She is a natural leader and is not afraid to take charge. She is confident in her abilities and is always willing to take risks. Yaa is also known for her intelligence and analytical abilities. This bouquet features a mix of bold and vibrant flowers, including red ginger, heliconia, king protea and eucalyptus. The Yaa bouquet is perfect for anyone who embodies the traits of a strong and independent woman. Red ginger flowers represent passion and strength. They are also a symbol of longevity and limitless prosperity , making them a perfect addition to a bouquet named after Yaa. Heliconias are another flower featured in the Yaa bouquet. These flowers come in a variety of colors and represent elegance and dignity. Heliconias are also associated with inner strength, pride and great returns which are traits that Yaa embodies. King proteas are the final flower in the Yaa bouquet. The flowers represent beauty that stands out and boldness that create and accept inevitable changes. They are also a symbol of positive energy and friendship, making them a perfect addition to any bouquet. This bouquet is perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate their independence and strength.

We at Blossom the Fresh Flower People have created seven unique and eye-catching bouquets that showcase the beauty of Ghanaian culture and the power of the Ghanaian woman through flowers. Our aim is to honor and celebrate the beauty and strength of Ghanaian women by naming bouquets after their day names. Each bouquet is carefully curated to reflect the meaning and essence of the name it represents.

Disclaimer: Due to the seasonal nature of our imported fresh flowers, please note that in some cases, bouquets may differ from the photo. We reserve the right to replace certain stems with other stems of comparable colour or value.

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